Epoxy Flooring Installations for Residential & Commercial

If you typed “epoxy flooring near me” and you’re anywhere in the Orlando and nearby areas, you landed on the right page. Flooring Pro Installers are committed to delivering high-quality epoxy flooring installation for both residential and commercial establishments. 

Our resilient, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable epoxy flooring installation services are the go-to flooring solution for any kind of setting. May it be residential basements, hospitals, schools, garages, restaurants, factories, and many more. You will never go wrong with epoxy flooring installation from Flooring Pro Installers. Here are some of the epoxy flooring services offered to you by Flooring Pro Installers.


Residential Epoxy Floor Coating

All our residential and commercial epoxy floors are diamond grind using the highest grade materials. What makes our residential epoxy floor stand out from all the others is our pigment base coating of epoxy.  We then use the process called “flaking rejection,” where we apply flakes on 100% coverage and flake the floor until it can’t handle more flakes. As a finish, we apply seal coat, topcoat, or finish coat so it stays a far more durable and better looking epoxy floor. The process is used for both residential and commercial epoxy flooring. Unlike our competitors, who use an acid wash or pressure wash that does not meet high standard epoxy specifications. Also, other competitors only use 5-10% pigment base coat. This will only result in unsafe, unprotected, and inconsistent epoxy flooring.

epoxy flooring inside garage

Basement & Garage Epoxy Flooring

For residential use, epoxy flooring is usually used for basements and garages. Basements are usually wet-prone areas of the house because it’s usually the laundry area. That’s why epoxy flooring is desirable. Garages are usually prone to oil leaks and dirt, so if you use epoxy flooring there will be no stains and will be easy to clean. 

Epoxy Flooring for Business

For epoxy floor installation for any kind of business establishment, you will never regret choosing Flooring Pro Installers as your service provider. We can cater to automotive establishments, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, offices, and much more. Our epoxy floors are of exceptional durability, made of poly aspartate and urethane cement overlays that are basically indestructible. We make sure our floors are slip-resistant, have long-term traffic protection, and remain easy to clean. Flooring Pro Installers has the solution for every commercial epoxy flooring installation in Orlando and the nearby areas.

Automotive Epoxy Flooring

Most of our clientele are automotive showrooms or service centers because epoxy flooring is the desirable type of floor in the establishment. The car tires will not leave any dirt or tread marks, plus it’s easy to clean in case of any car leaks. The multi-layered epoxy flooring serves well for oil changing centres too.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Business establishments that have heavy traffic, like industrial manufacturers or chemical plants need concrete epoxy flooring. Our Flooring Pro Installers team will install the epoxy floors that can handle heavy machinery and high traffic.

restaurant kitchen with resilient flooring

Restaurants & Foodservice Epoxy Flooring

The desirable floor type for restaurants and food service establishments is not cracked or pitted as this may serve as a breeding ground for molds and bacterias. Thus, epoxy floors are the desirable concrete floors for restaurants, industrial kitchens, and other foodservice industry sectors. Here at Flooring Pro Installers, we ensure epoxy floors withstand extreme temperatures and tolerate strong cleaning chemicals. We have installed many epoxy floors in kitchens of large restaurants in Orlando and also factories for food products. 

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are looking for the best epoxy floor installers in Orlando, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Here at Flooring Pro Installers, we are ready to serve you for any flooring needs, not just epoxy. We also offer tile installations, terrazzo refinishing, hardwood floors, vinyl plank, and practically anything that has to do with flooring installation

Whether you need floors installed for your home, shop, office, restaurant, factory, hospital, or any kind of establishment, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You may reach us at (407) 289-1567, and we’re ready to provide you with a free estimate anytime.